Anal Destruction. Jo-Lynn. Ouch! It hurts!

Jo-Lynn in pain while taking it in the ass.

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Kyle said:
I want to shove my cock in that tight ass until she called my Nicky mozart my pornography name
Herman said:
Reminds me of the shores back in wheeling they have stinky assholes
Willy said:
Her bunghole is so huge I'like to stick my small rick inside then come all over it
Eddie said:
Spread thosebuttcheeks wide so I can take a deep sniff
Buzzy said:
I'love to lick her butthole
Jeff said:
Pathways great
batman720 said:
Damn I,Love The Way She,Gets Fucked Up,Her ASSHOLE. Especially How Dude Gets Her SHIT!On,His DICK. Would Love Some Of,That SHIT!ON MY DICK.